Hi, my name is Joris van Rijn
and I am a student & entrepeneur

Early 2015 I co-found The Dutch Coding Company. I develop and maintain various web applications, mobile apps and complex websites. My spare time is filled with a combination study of software & psychology, selling branded Google cardboards and working as a student assistant for the University of Technology, Eindhoven.

Additionally, I am a board member of the Eindhoven Student Business Club (Commissioner of Public Relations) and an active member of Study Association Intermate (I participated in over 7 committees).

My current mission in life is just to have a good time. Both my career and student life satisfy me. To shake things up, in between the weeks, I love to travel. I enjoy experiencing the differences of other parts of the world and I love meeting new people. I reckon that there is much to learn.

Personal Info

  • nameJoris van Rijn
  • e-mailcontact@jorisvanrijn.com
  • phone06 37 19 2688
  • websitewww.jorisvanrijn.com


You'll only really get to know me over some coffee..

  • Co-Founder @ The Dutch Coding Company
    since 2015

    We develop and maintain various web applications, mobile apps and complex websites. We love to drink coffee.
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  • Board Member @ Intermate

    Chairman of the 33rd board of Study Association Intermate. I have had the honour to be the chairmen of the promotion/web committee and the freshmen committee. I have participated in 5 more other committees/taskforces.

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  • Freelancer @ JorisvanRijn
    since 2011

    I try to develop & design such that I’m proud and you’re happy.
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  • Sales Manager @ Originele Promotie
    since 2015

    We sell branded Google cardboards for promotional purposes. Order cheap 3D glasses with your own logo.
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  • Board Member @ ESBC

    As the commissioner of public relations I am responsible for the promotion of monthly inspirational lectures and GET STARTED!
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  • Fierce Hackathon Companion @ Various Hackathons
    since 2014

    With various teams I have competed in various hackathons. We have won Fusehack and received a public choice award with Hackathon Masters. We have been invited to do a hackathon in Vietnam shortly.

  • Student Assistant @ TU/e
    since 2014

    As a student assistant I help to promote the studies of the TU/e and I guide first year students. I have managed a few of their websites for a year.
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  • Ambassador @ AIESEC

    I have been an Ambassador of the AIESEC/Rabobank program. I have had the privilege to explore Ethiopia while investigating its agriculture and volunteering for children.

  • Co-Founder @ Universitaire boeken
    since 2014

    We've created a network for student to buy and sell secondhand study literature.
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  • Co-Founder @ Bayo

    We’ve imported and traded fashion products (both business to business as business to consumer) imported from China.

Contact me

Contact info

  • 06 37 19 2688
  • contact@jorisvanrijn.com
  • kvk: 55942954

Mailing adres:
Kruisstraat 170
5612CN, Eindhoven

Visiting adres:
Horsten 1
5612AX, Eindhoven